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In an ideal world, succession planning would be in place for each leadership position within your organization (we’d be happy to talk to you about that, too). The likelihood is that nonprofits aren’t prepared for resignations when they happen. Sensa offers a solution by putting a transition team in place. When an employee leaves, a unique opportunity exists to assess the vacated position. After all, the next hire should move the organization forward. The vacated job should evolve to meet the current needs, not merely be a time to replace the person who left. The transition teams offered by Sensa allow you to shape the new role based on your evaluation of what skillset is needed at this time without any interruption in productivity.

The right person. the right place. the right time.

The right person.
the right place.
the right time.

Ensures new hire is positioned to hit the ground running

No loss in momentum

Leaves time for strategic hire

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